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The Housing Roundtable, in conjunction with the Orlando Regional Realtor Foundation, will be pursuing initiatives throughout the year as defined and approved by the members. Initiatives can include, but are not limited to 1) hosting regular policy events; 2) educating legislators and elected officials on housing policy; 3) creating networking opportunities; 4) strengthening partnerships; 5) building coalitions; 6) seek to reduce regulatory barriers to affordable housing, and 7) perform selected research/data analysis on topics deemed important by the membership. 

Initiative #1: Discovery/Listening Sessions
The Nonprofit Housing Roundtable, with support of the Orlando Regional Realtor Foundation, completed four discovery/listening sessions in 2017. The sessions accounted for over twelve hours of input/feedback and involved over 75 stakeholders from the community. These sessions included representatives from the development, banking, government, and individual homeowners/renters. The goal was to seek input/insight with respect to identifying challenges in the provision of housing, commence the process of identifying both gaps and opportunities within the region, and determine how the Housing Roundtable and the Orlando Regional Realtor Foundation can help. A summary report is attached. Final Report - Initiative #1

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